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Is your business sitting on the net?

Give it digital marketing BIZ Tonic, for successful business

We build you a harmonious brand, with an intuitive and functional website, we tone up its presence in social media, and with the help of digital marketing your business will attract the right customers

BIZ Tonic, the Digital Marketing distributor of successful brands and businesses

Our Digital Marketing Agency builds original projects, using imagination, intelligence and courage. A strong business in 2023 needs Web Design, Brand Identity, Social Media, Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Recruiting, SEO or Content Writing. We have a solution! A smart solution.

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Using our vast experience we build digital marketing projects through strategies specially tailored for your business

Whether you want new customers or you're looking to increase sales, the number of conversions is essential. This is represented by the number of visitors who interact with your brand and bring profit to your business. The Bucharest Digital Marketing Agency BIZ Tonic helps you tone up your online and offline presence by obtaining a large number of conversions

There is demand in the market for what your business offers. The offer must reach the right people. We identify the best strategies through which you can achieve growth in your business. Maybe a new site? Maybe new content? Maybe a well-targeted online campaign? Or maybe 2 new hires? It is possible, with the help of digital marketing!

Digital marketing for successful businesses

You worked hard to start a business. You work hard to grow it and keep it. Give her a refreshing boost, make her big and strong with digital marketing industry from BIZ Tonic, to make you happy
Tonic Web Design Package

We build your business a unique website and logo from scratch. We set the objectives and a digital marketing strategy for 0 months.

PPC Tonic Pack

We set up campaigns for your business for Google, Facebook, Bing, Instagram, Twitter, Tik-Tok. We create custom ads.

SEO Tonic Package

We list your business in directories and optimize your website for search engines. We also write two press articles.​

Fresh Tonic Pack

We are refreshing the current Logo and Website. We tone up the presence of your business in Social Media and update SEO optimization.​​

Social Tonic Package

We create presentation pages and business profiles for social networks Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, YouTube or TikTok.

Recruitment Tonic Pack

We create personal recruitment ads and campaigns online, on specific platforms, according to your business needs.

Our experience

We, the team behind the BIZ Tonic agency, are active in the area of digital marketing industry in Bucharest and the rest of the country with web design and site maintenance services, SEO optimization, social media marketing, PPC agency, copywriting, visual identity and recruitment, for over 10 years. This means that we have experienced enough scenarios that we can build an optimal plan for even the most special business. There are no small customers or big customers in our vision. At the end of the day, it just has to exist satisfied customers .

Project Marketing Cabinet Elmay VET

Veterinary office Elmay VET
• visual identity construction & implementation
• logo design
• website construction, presentation and online appointments
• tracking module integration (GA4, Pixel)
• integration of GDPR policies
• Facebook & Instagram Business setup
• email & hosting configuration
• copywriting website pages

TONE Lawyer Marketing Project

Tone Law Firm
• visual identity construction
• Logo design
• WordPress website construction
• website development RO/UA/EN/TR
• integration of GDPR policies
• Blog integration
• personalized contact forms
• copywriting website pages

Marketing Project I. Constantinescu

Coach Ioana Constantinescu
• website development
• security policy application
• update site RO/EN
• update the Facebook page
• newsletter construction

Testimonials from customers using digital marketing from BIZ Tonic

You have the opportunity to be our next satisfied customer. They all got here from a simple search or referral, simple as that. Give your business what it needs to grow healthy! Give them Digital marketing from BIZ Tonic!

We help you promote your business online using advanced technologies digital marketing industry, alongside the biggest names on the Internet
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The latest articles on digital marketing blog BIZ Tonic

Read and learn about the most important trends in the market, about success stories and how others had the courage to take the first step towards toning their business with BIZ Tonic marketing agency!

You today the first step to the success of your business? Or do you wait until it burns?

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